Description of Project

The project is conducted by SKL International and Public Administration International (PAI). The main objectives of the project are to carry out the renovation for improving the public management performance efficiency and effectiveness of the Government of Viet Nam in the context of global integration and transition into a market economy through identifying the vision to 2020 and setting the road map for visioning.

Specific objectives of the project include:

  • Renovating the government structure based on repositioning of the government and revising the functions and mandates of the government agencies to meet the requirements raised in transition into a market economy and in the global integration context
  • Renovating the ways of working to improve the public management performance efficiency and effectiveness
  • Increasing the quality of the government civil servants and cadres

Description of Services provided

  • Desk review of relevant policy documents
  • Workshops to discuss Vision framework and Road Map
  • Consultation with focused groups of senior policy makers
  • Finalization of framework on the Economic Institutional Vision in priority policy areas and Implementation Road Map

Contact: Annakarin Lindberg, Project Manager,

Project details
Origin of founding
EUR 132 368
Prop. carried out by SKL International
Partners / Consortium
Public Adminstration Internationl (PAI)