Description of Project

The SymbioCity approach is an integrated and holistic attitude to urban development, with particular focus on the environmental aspects and with clear links to economic and socio-cultural dimensions and how they are affected by the urban environment.

The project is an application of the SymbioCity approach, where the Swedish municipality of Borås and the municipality of Palu in Indonesia will implement the different steps and phases in the approach, together with the Ministry of Public Works and other local stakeholders. In broad terms, the project has the purpose of providing an opportunity for strategic stakeholders in Palu and Borås to improve capacity, knowledge and prerequisites for urban sustainability by getting the opportunity to apply methodologies and tools to obtain sustainable solutions.

The objectives of the project are:

  • An established long-term municipal exchange that contributes to increased awareness and enhanced knowledge in both Palu and Borås
  • Strengthened institutional capacity of Palu and Borås to develop an urban environment that is sustainable and contributes to enhanced quality of life for the inhabitants.
  • Palu functions as a model and inspiration for other Indonesian cities in terms of sustainable urban development and the aspiration to achieve a “green city” status.

Description of Services provided

Technical Assistance
Process support
Capacity building of technincal staff and politicians
Study visits and conferences
Project management

Project details
Origin of founding
3 900 000 SEK
Prop. carried out by SKL International
Partners / Consortium
Municipalities of Borås and Palu