Descritpion of Project

The aim of the Transformed Iraqi Local Governance (TRIG) preparatory project is to establish a sustainable support framework for development of capacity of sub-national governments in Dohuk, Salahuddin and Al-Qadisiyah provinces – at governorate, district and sub-district levels.

The immediate project objective is “Established entry points to building capacity in sub-national governments at local and regional levels in Iraq through applied good practice”. The project includes several rounds of consultation, training and workshop sessions with council members, civil servants and civil society from the three provinces, as well as an exchange visit to Sweden and Swedish municipalities.

The ambition is to form a long-term programme cooperation with Iraq within sub-national governance and the preparatory project will be assessed based on the success of the organizational arrangements made, including the strategy which will outline the support and cooperation with the regions. SKL International cooperates with IRFAD (Iraqi Research Foundation for Analysis and Development) in this project.

In line with the above objective the anticipated main results (outputs) of the project are:

1) A programme organisation for delivery of the support to capacity-building

2) An implementation strategy that will serve as guidance for the implementation of support to capacity-building within specified thematic areas in sub-national governance, and

3) Establishment of a consultation mechanism (an advisory group) that ensures close coordination between the project/programme and central and regional authorities

Descritpion of Services provided

  • Project management
  • Technical assistance
Project details
Origin of founding
1 000 000 EUR