Tunisia Local Governance Project

The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR) and its subsidiary, SKL International, are implementing a two-year project, in cooperation with the National Federation of Tunisian Cities (FNVT) and the Tunisian Ministry of Local Affairs (MoLA). The Tunisia Local Governance Project (TLGP) is funded by the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) and is a continuation of the Tunisia Local Governance Pilot Project (TLG2P), implemented between August 2013 and October 2014.

TLGP takes as its point of departure the need to support the national policy dialogue on decentralisation, for example, by developing proposals related to the system of inter-governmental fiscal transfers and local revenues, or for the transfer of specific competences to Tunisian Municipalities.

At the local level in Tunisia, the project seeks to build effective structures for municipal finance management in 4 pilot Municipalities. This includes measures to support transparency and accountability through the development of tools that can be used by municipal leaders and external stakeholders to monitor municipal performance. Efforts will be made to scale up these experiences through an FNVT Professional Forum of Municipal Finance Managers.

SALAR expertise is being provided to support the capacity development of FNVT, including the development of FNVT’s Strategic Plan. The project also includes a special emphasis on gender equality and will provide training to Tunisian partners on tools for gender mainstreaming, gender communication and gender awareness.

The project includes a regional component; Tunisian, Swedish and other countries’ decentralisation experiences will be used as a basis for discussions between advocates for decentralisation reform in MENA transition countries.

The overall objective of the project is that: “Tunisian local government is strengthened and lessons from Tunisian and other countries’ decentralisation experiences are considered by reform advocates from MENA transition countries.”

By completion, it is expected that the project will have contributed to four main results:

  • Central government has defined roles, responsibilities and resources for at least 2 municipal/regional competences and has considered other proposals advocating for the adoption of a decentralized system of government (‘Decentralisation Policy’)
  • Proposals for improvement in municipal financial management/control and intergovernmental transfers adopted by the central government based on work in four pilot Municipalities(‘Fiscal Decentralisation’)
  • FNVT is a legitimate representative of Tunisian Municipalities that influences local government politics in Tunisia (‘FNVT Development’)
  • Tunisian and other countries’s decentralisation experiences inform consultations by reform advocates in MENA transition countries (‘Regional Exchange’)
Project details
Origin of founding
24 790 000 SEK
Prop. carried out by SKL International