Tunisian Local Governance Pilot Project (TLG2P)

TLG2P aims to contribute to enhanced local governance in Tunisia through the cooperation of SKL International with the National Federation of Tunisian Cities (FNVT), the Directorate General of Local Authorities (DGCL, Ministry of Interior) and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR). The objectives aim to mobilise Tunisian local actors in national dialogue on decentralisation, to suggest alternative models for a future system of local and regional government to the central government, to contribute to strengthen the capacity of the FNVT, and to carry out a feasibility study on municipal pilot mechanisms through consultation with beneficiaries and deliverers of existing grant schemes and pilot projects.

In the context of Tunisia’s post-Revolution democratic transition, the overall objective of the project is: To contribute to enhanced local governance in Tunisia. By completion, it is expected that the project will have contributed to four main results:

  • Mobilisation of Tunisian local actors in decentralisation dialogue.
  • Alternative models for local and regional government put forward to central government for consideration in legal framework.
  • Contribution to strengthened capacity of FNVT.
  • Feasibility study on municipal transfers/grants produced through consultation with beneficiaries and deliverers of existing mechanisms.

The intervention logic is to support changes that will result in enhanced knowledge, capacity and tools for concerned Tunisian stakeholders to engage in decentralisation dialogue. Project interventions are directed towards a range of stakeholders including central government, local representatives and civil society actors.
At an institutional level, FNVT will be supported to play an incremental role in gathering the collective opinions of a range of local actors, and advocating for an appropriate form of local and regional government in Tunisia. With the inclusion of DGCL in specific project activities, a key central government directorate will be supported to play a more facilitative role in the process of decentralisation. This two-pronged approach is expected to contribute to the overall project objective through increased organisational and institutional effectiveness.

The programme is being realised through a range of interventions delivered by SKL International and FNVT. These include international and local technical assistance inputs, exchange of knowledge and experience between Swedish and Tunisian actors, institutional exposure to the work of SALAR, study visits, staff placements and other forms of knowledge transfer and analysis.

Description of services provided

  • Studies and consultation on territorial reform, human resources, competences (solid waste management, local economic development, primary education) and fiscal decentralisation
  • Peer consultancy of FNVT by SKL International
  • Technical assistance and capacity building for FNVT (in communication, lobbying and financial sustainability)
  • Establishment and training of FNVT decentralisation working group
  • Study visits
  • Expertise, reviews and feasibility studies for new municipal pilot intervention(s)
Project details
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