Description of Project

The TUSENET project was implemented in order to support Turkish municipalities and their interest organisation Union of Municipalities of Turkey (UMT) in the process of preparations for EU membership.

  • Development of partnerships between UMT and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, and six partnerships of Swedish and Turkish municipalities.
  • Actions to develop UMT as the interest and service organisation for all Turkish municipalities.
  • Promotion of actions within different areas of responsibility for the Turkish municipalities.
  • Taking into account issues about democratisation and respect for human rights, as well as gender equality, sustainable development, transparency, accountability, ethics and public participation in local administration, efficient service production, and know how about EU practices and funding.

Description of Services provided

  • creation of municipal partnerships
  • training of staff in municipalities
  • sharing of experience and knowledge in municipal affairs and EU issues
  • sharing of experience and knowledge of roles of municipal unions
  • organisational development reviewing


Project details
Origin of founding
22 100 000 SEK
Prop. carried out by SKL International
100 %
Partners / Consortium
UMT - Union of Municipalities of Turkey