27 February 2020


Annakarin Lindberg

Annakarin Lindberg

Currently working with

Responsible for the environment component of the project “Support to local governments in Serbia in the EU integration process” which include partnerships between the Swedish municipalities of Gävle, Växjö, Malmö and nine Serbian municipalities.

Coordinating SKL International’s Framework agreement within Democracy and Public Administration with Sida and supporting the work with the SymbioCity project.

Professional profile

Urban Development, Environment, Land Management and Local governance. Experience from Africa, Asia and the Balkans.

Annakarin is an agronomist with more than 10 years of experience of development cooperation at Sida, mainly in the fields of urban development, land management, environment and local governance. She has developed and managed projects in the field of public sector governance, institutional development of authorities, municipalities and civil society organizations, most recently focused on Kenya and South East Asia. Annakarin also has substantial experience of work with the World Bank, UN, ADB and several bilateral donor agencies.

Annakarin started her career in local government as an environment protection officer focusing on implementation of the environmental code and the law on animal welfare.

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