27 February 2020


Erik Faxgård

Erik Faxgård

Currently working with

Project Manager for Support to Decentralization reform in Ukraine (DSP).

Professional profile

Public Sector Governance and Reform, Local Governance, Decentralization, Project planning and design , Project cycle management, Organizational Development and Analysis.

Erik Faxgård is specialising in implementing projects and programs in local governance, decentralization and public sector reform. He carries over 12 years’ of international experience of promoting capacity for good governance, working with both local, regional and national levels. During most of his career he has carried out work in support to organisational management and institutional reform processes, leading interventions on institutional/organisational change including organisational analysis, monitoring and evaluation, strategic planning and policy development. He has extensive experience in the design and implementation of projects that enhance capacity for municipal governance and local development in a wide range of countries and regions globally, especially in eastern- and southern Africa where he has held both short and long term technical advisory and program management positions under international development agencies and the UN.

Previous experiences with SKL international includes management of several multidisciplinary projects, management of comprehensive international training program targeting enhanced capacity for service delivery and accountability on the sub-national levels, as well as responsibility for far reaching nationwide campaigns on the UN Millennium Goals targeting Swedish municipalities and county councils. He has an MA in Organizational Theory and Sociology from Stockholm University.

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