4 July 2022


Syrians in Turkey – voices beyond politics

As part of a recent report on the status of Syrian refugees in Turkey, independent journalist Bitte Hammargren and photographer Stephan Bladh collected personal accounts from the life of nine Syrian refugees in Turkey.

The nine portraits provide a voice to people who are striving to maintain their livelihoods beyond the realms of international and national politics.

Amany Burghoula & Ali Jafar, Osmangazi:

“So much energy is contained inside us."

Abduhlrahman Kadi, Syrian high school student, Orhangazi:

“I see myself having graduated from medical school, opened my own clinic and a textile factory, which employs many people, because unemployment is a big issue now.”

Ali Alloush, Syrian high school student, Orhangazi

“The most important thing is to adjust to the culture and language here; it will help the integration.”

Taha Burak, Turkish high school student, Orhangazi

“We should not discriminate anyone here. One day we could be in the same situation, we could be refugees ourselves.”

Ayşegül Koç, Sultanbeyli:

“I try to put my feet in the shoes of the refugees."

Huneyda al-Tinawi, Sultanbeyli:

“We wish to feel safe here and fear instability.”

Najat Murshid, Istanbul:

“We run a campaign against domestic violence and honour killings."

Luey al-Khalaf, Mersin:

“Turkey has mysterious criteria for naturalisation.”

Bassam Nasher, Mersin:

“Try to be productive in whatever skills you have.”

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