27 February 2020


BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA - Strengthening Associations of Municipalities and Cities

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH) two Associations of Municipalities and Cities (AMCs) represent all the local self-government units in the country, apart from the Brčko District. As the country pursues EU membership these Associations are uniquely positioned to help advance EU integration, as a substantial number of mandatory European-law-based regulations have to be carried out by local governments.


The project seeks to contribute to effective and financially sustainable local government Associations, their ability to provide services to their members, namely the municipalities and cities of BiH, and their ability to successfully carry out evidence-based advocacy. The initiative also strengthens cooperation between the Associations, in a Bosnia and Herzegovina where the main administrative entities are divided roughly along ethno-political lines.

Services Provided

SALAR and SKL International work with both AMCs to help strengthen institutional capacity and ability to effectively service members. In addition the project will provide tailored support to help Associations practically realize key elements of their Strategic Plans related to local government finance and EU accession. The project is in an inception phase and a longer-term cooperation is currently being developed. It is implemented with the help of a Sarajevo-based Team Leader and international experts identified by SKL International.

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