27 February 2020


SERBIA - Support to Municipalities on the Road to EU Accession

This project has the overall aim of preparing Serbian local authorities for EU accession, with improved conditions for high-quality services, enhanced dialogue with stakeholders and more efficient local administrations. It continues the successful partnership between the Serbian and Swedish local government associations, Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SCTM) and SALAR/SKL, between 2011 and 2015.

As Serbia approaches a potential date for EU accession there is a need for municipalities and the local government association SCTM to prepare. Higher-quality services, enhanced dialogue with stakeholders and more efficient local administrations will be essential if the country is to meet EU standards and make the most of the opportunities that accession will bring.

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Description of Services provided

The project provides direct technical support to selected Serbian municipalities and contributes to strengthening the SCTM as an organization. The hands on municipal support aims to upgrade local governments’ ability to service citizens and implement aspects of the EU acquis in the areas of

• Environmental protection and
• Emergency preparedness

Municipal packages are tailored according to local needs and implemented with the help of national and international experts.

Capacity building of SCTM is focused on financial sustainability and reducing donor dependency, and ability to effectively channel the voices of local governments towards higher levels of policy makers.

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