20 June 2022


Sustainable municipal waste management services in North Macedonia

This project has the overall aim to improve municipal waste management services in North Macedonia with a view to full compliance with EU standards, thus improving environmental sustainability and quality of life for all inhabitants. By helping municipalities to improve their waste management planning process, organisational capacity, data collection and communication with citizens, it will demonstrate the true scale of action, capacity and resources needed at local level to move towards compliance with EU standards.

The project will work with municipal administrations, local public utility companies and inhabitants in selected municipalities to improve waste management planning practices and strengthen the ability to deliver inclusive and sustainable waste management services. Secondly, working with the local government association, ZELS, it will strengthen the capacity of a wider group of municipalities to plan and deliver inclusive and sustainable waste management services in line with EU requirements and as part of the regional system. Thirdly, working with the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, it will seek to improve coordination between the national and local level and increase national actors' capacity to support local governments in implementing EU standards in the waste area.

The figure below illustrates the project's ambition to influence individuals, institutions and the policy framework through a structure that links in-depth work in pilot municipalities with both ZELS and MEPP in order to build the capacity of all municipalities and to improve national–local coordination.

North Macedonia process

Key partners:

  • Local government association (ZELS)
  • Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning
  • Municipal administrations
  • Local public utility companies
North Macedonia partner map

Contact details for further information:

Project manager, Helena Ohlsson; helena.ohlsson@skr.se

Deputy project manager; Mohammed Al Kamil, mohammed.alkamil@skr.se

Team Leader, Emil Angelov; e.angelov@outlook.com

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