27 February 2020


UKRAINE - Local Empowerment, Accountability and Development Programme

Decentralisation is one of the most important reforms of the Ukrainian government. To succeed in this reform it was crucial to reinforce the service delivery capacities of the public administration, including delegation of mission, mandate and responsibilities to local self-government bodies.

The U-LEAD programme was initiated by the Government of Ukraine and the EU to support Ukraine’s decentralisation reform. Sida was delegated by the EU to implement support to improved administrative service delivery to the population by supporting the establishment or modernisation of up 600 Administrative Service Centres (ASCs) in newly amalgamated communities (hromadas).

SKL International implements part of the task on behalf of Sida. The activities were divided into the Inception Phase and the Roll-Out Phase.

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During the Inception Phase 26 amalgamated hromadas were selected through open competition Over the course of 18 months in 2016-2018, 24 ASCs were piloted and 2 hromadas which already had an ASC were provided with a mobile unit and remote workplaces. The support package with guidelines on how to establish an ASC was also developed and tested. The piloted models and approaches to administrative service delivery became vital for ensuring the quality of the whole Programme.

The Roll-Out Phase aims at multiplying the results of the Inception Phase in order to modernise or establish fully operational ASCs in up to 600 hromadas and small cities in 2018-2020.

SKL International is responsible for the following activities during the Roll-Out Phase

  • Selection of eligible hromadas who will receive support from the programme
  • Development of Terms of Reference for each selected hromada based on visits and experts’ assessment
  • Experience sharing between hromadas
  • Policy advising to relevant Ukrainian stakeholders
  • Methodological support on how to establish and modernise an ASC
  • Coordination of external communication of the progress and results

More information

Visual report Inception Phase

Visual report Roll-Out Phase

Web page https://tsnap.ulead.org.ua/en/

Social media https://www.facebook.com/tsnap.ulead/

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