Published 15 February 2023

Increased resilience in local governance creates hope in Lebanon

SALAR International works globally to promote and strengthen local and regional self-governance and resilience. The Reslog Project is a part of Sweden’s response to the Syria Crisis and aims to strengthen the capacity of local government actors by increasing resilience in accordance with the principles of peacefulness, co-habitation and inclusiveness in Türkiye and Lebanon.

The Reslog project supports municipalities in the governorate of Akkar in North Lebanon to become more resilient through strengthened municipal governance, including improved abilities to provide more equal access to services, livelihood opportunities and means for peaceful co-habitation to women and men from Syrian refugee and local communities.

Amidst Lebanon’s economic crisis, local authorities play an important role in order to maintain societal cohesion and to offer basic services. The project supports the local authorities by enhancing their capacity while also engaging the local community through volunteerism in activities related to municipal service delivery.

Souraya Hammoud, Country Project Manager based in Lebanon, describes the dire situation that the country is facing in an article published by “Uppdrag Mission” and how increased resilience in local governance and trust-building among the local community that are eager to contribute to their society can create a ray of hope during difficult times.

Read the full article (in Swedish) "Libanon: Gästfriheten finns kvar"