Published 26 April 2024

Orienteering promotes peaceful cohabitation in Lebanon

On 20-21 April, 250 participants gathered in the Jurd al-Qayteh area in Akkar, Lebanon, for the SALAR International organized orienteering weekend. The orienteering weekend was organized within the SALAR International Reslog project aiming to support local governments in Lebanon to become more resilient in times of migration related challenges.

With inspiration from Laxå municipality, their work on ecotourism and their collaboration with local sports associations, the orienteering game was developed together with Lebanese project partners with aim to foster positive interactions within Akkar’s communities, using sport as means for peaceful cohabitation.

Being the first of its kind with community groups in Lebanon, the event introduced orienteering as an innovative approach to community engagement and resilience-building. Through the physical and mental challenges of orienteering, participants practised skills in communication, decision-making, and problem-solving, which is essential for navigating the complexities of local governance and peaceful cohabitation. By collaborating with different stakeholders, the partner municipalities became aware of the importance of effective governance and partnerships in executing community-focused initiatives. The event also showcased Akkar’s potential as an ecotourism destination, with its beautiful nature offering opportunities for local economic development.

The event brought us all together from different areas despite the tension, fostering a sense of unity to celebrate environmental-friendly activities,” said Mohamad Orabi, coordinator at the Economic and Social Fund for Development about the event.

Participants crossing the finish line.

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