Annual Results 2015

Annual Results 2015

In 2015 SKL International entered into new thematic areas as well as new regions. This is a welcome development, and the expansion comes with fresh and exciting challenges.Throughout this report you can read more about how SKL International supports decentralisation processes around the world and the results that have been achieved. Click here to view our Annual Results.


Our projects

We have experience from projects in more than 30 countries and know-how of how to adapt our approaches to different local conditions. Browse through our project database in order to see how we apply our methods and tools.

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Our core areas of expertise

Our core business areas have evolved through a combination of Swedish good practice and the needs of our clients. Good and accountable local governance as well as the provision of a favorable environment for local and regional democracy are goals within all of our projects.

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  • In mid-October 2016 SKL International met with stakeholders in Romania to discuss concrete ideas on how to improve the situation for vulnerable citizens in Romania.

    20 October

    This was the second visit of SKL International to Romania as part of its study on how the situation for vulnerable Romanian citizens can be improved through cooperation on local government level. The first visit, held in July 2016, focused on understanding the context, challenges and opportunities for collaboration. This second visit presented ideas on how local governments could cooperate on this issue.

  • Launching the U-LEAD programme in Ukraine

    14 October

    SKL International is launching the ”Ukraine Local Empowerment, Accountability and Development Programme” (U-LEAD program). The overall objective of the U-LEAD programme is to contribute to the establishment of multilevel governance which is transparent, accountable and responsive to the needs of the population in Ukraine.

  • SKL International is recruiting a Spanish speaking Team Leader for a project in Colombia

    09 September

    SKL International is seeking for a Spanish speaking Team-Leader for its project Fortalecimiento Institucional y Ciudadano por el Desarrollo Territorial (FOINCIDE). The position is for a consultant already based in Colombia

  • A new consultant database

    06 September

    Our pool of experts is an essential component in our work, the experts we choose to work with plays a big role in the implementation of our projects and the quality of the results. Hence, we have developed a consultant database to help […]

  • One step forward on decentralisation in Iraq

    25 August

    From 15th to 17th of August, SKL International organised a workshop in Beirut on the topic ‘Supporting decentralisation of labour and social affairs in Iraq’ which gathered central and local stakeholders from Iraq, municipality representatives from Sweden, and experts based in Lebanon. […]

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