We are regularly looking for people that can contribute to our projects.

Experts who are interested in short- and long-term international assignments and have more than five years demonstrated experience working in relevant areas are invited to register their CVs on



Our projects

We have experience from projects in more than 30 countries and know-how of how to adapt our approaches to different local conditions. Browse through our project database in order to see how we apply our methods and tools.

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Our core areas of expertise

Our core business areas have evolved through a combination of Swedish good practice and the needs of our clients. Good and accountable local governance as well as the provision of a favorable environment for local and regional democracy are goals within all of our projects.

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  • SKL International söker projektekonom

    09 July

    SKL International går igenom en stark tillväxtfas och söker nu ytterligare expertis i teamet. I rollen som projektekonom blir du en del av ekonomifunktionen som består av 9 personer samt en del av ett projektteam. Du kommer att ha ett nära samarbete med controllers och projektledare.

  • SKL International rekryterar två programchefer

    05 July

    Rollerna är nya och kommer arbeta mycket nära varandra. Vi befinner oss i ett spännande utvecklingsskede och som programchef kommer du ha en central roll i att leda denna förändring.

  • Video: On the Frontlines of Creating Inclusive Cities in Practice

    04 July

    Addressing exclusion in cities is a global challenge and a key to reaching Agenda 2030. Watch the presentations from our May seminar on co-production, collaboration, informality and building trust between communities and local government here.

  • SKL International takes on work with decentralization of the pre-school system in Ukraine

    18 June

    SKL International takes on work with decentralization of the pre-school system in Ukraine SKL International has together with the City of Kiev (KMDA), started cooperation in the sphere of management and financing of the municipal preschool system. The cooperation so far includes a review of statistical and budgetary data, identification of strong and weak points […]

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