The next phase of the SymbioCity Approach



Since 2010, SKL International has used the SymbioCity Approach as a concept and a platform to support sustainable urban development around the globe. The overall intent is alleviating urban poverty. With support from Sida, SKL International now takes the concept into a new generation. From December 2015 the SymbioCity Approach 2.0 Programme is off the ground.

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Our projects

We have experience from projects in more than 30 countries and know-how of how to adapt our approaches to different local conditions. Browse through our project database in order to see how we apply our methods and tools.

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Our core areas of expertise

Our core business areas have evolved through a combination of Swedish good practice and the needs of our clients. Good and accountable local governance as well as the provision of a favorable environment for local and regional democracy are goals within all of our projects.

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  • 29 April


    SKL International is inviting proposals for three positions under the anticipated programme Ukraine Local Empowerment, Accountability and Development programme (U-LEAD), component 2, phase 1. These positions are:
    1. Team Leader
    2. Long Term Policy Expert
    3. Project Coordinator

  • Gender Diagnosis in Vietnam

    28 April

    SALAR/SKL International is an implementing partner of Cities Alliance, “a global partnership for urban poverty reduction and the promotion of the role of cities in sustainable development operating under the UN-Umbrella”.

  • Swedish training phase as part of the International Training Programme through the SymbioCity Approach

    14 April

    As part of the International Training Programme “Enabling Local Democracy and Holistic Urban Development through the SymbioCity Approach” urban planners and architects from cities in Georgia, Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey came to Sweden to attend the Swedish training phase of the course. Between 6th and 23rd of March the participants took part in series of lectures […]

  • SKL International at the LVIV Forum Ukraine

    07 April

    The Local Self Government Forum in Lviv is a large annual Ukrainian platform for the exchange of experiences and ideas in the sphere of local self-governance and decentralization. It attracts a broad range of representatives of local authorities, government officials and donors that is supporting Ukraine in its decentralization efforts. At this year’s forum, 7-8th of April, SKL International was […]

  • TLGP visit Stockholm

    21 March

    The new team for Tunisia Local Governance Project visited Stockholm for a series of induction and planning meetings during 7 – 11 March.

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