Published 21 December 2023

Rights, participation and equality

We seek to support inclusive and peaceful societies, where people and groups participate in decision-making. We strive to implement a rights-based approach, underpinned by principles of non-discrimination and participation. Service delivery by local governments can be a key vector for promoting social inclusion.

Local Governments can play a vital role in promoting equality, participation, cohesion and the realization of rights as duty-bearers. As rapid shifts are underway, people and communities excluded from decision making and access to resources are at increased risk of marginalization. Globally, relationships of trust between communities and government stakeholders, on local and national level, have been eroded. Gender equality, while critical for promoting peaceful and inclusive societies, is progressing at a slow pace, and the impacts of Covid-19 have created considerable set-back. Working for social cohesion is paramount as local communities are faced with challenges such as conflict, migration, and economic decline. SALAR International considers rights, participation and equality as key ingredients for sustainable development.

Through this domain of change we strive to:

  • Support community engagement. Community engagement improves the design, implementation, and monitoring of services and policies at the local level and promotes social cohesion and trust.
  • Adress the needs of marginalised and vulnerable groups, women, men, girls and boys through inclusive pro-poor, and rights-based LG services.
  • Diminished power inequalities between persons of different genders in decision-making, policies and service-delivery at the local level.